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Groat Road Bridge Renewal

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Project Profile:

The Groat Road Bridge Rehabilitation Project involved the rehabilitation of three bridges and surrounding road infrastructure located in the heart of Edmonton’s sensitive river valley. This presentation focuses on the main bridge structure, the Groat Road Bridge (constructed in 1955), which included a superstructure replacement and substructure strengthening as part of the work. The rehabilitation work replaced the existing concrete girders and deck which were deficient in shear with new steel girders and a concrete deck. The new superstructure increased the width of the pedestrian sidewalk from 2.4m to 4.2m to meet the City’s Shared Use Path guidelines while maintaining the existing width of the vehicular traffic lanes. Modifications to the substructure included strengthening the existing piers and abutments, as well as bearing replacements. The reuse of the existing concrete substructure elements minimized intrusions into the North Saskatchewan River valley and reduced the amount of new concrete required. The rehabilitation and strengthening work extended the design life of the structure by 75 years with the bridge being opened to the public in 2020.


Joe Stankevicius, M.Sc., P.Eng.

Neil Robson, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Neil joined DIALOG in 2001 and brings a wealth of experience in structural engineering and project management. Proudly born and raised in Edmonton, Neil has been able to work on a wide variety of institutional and community-building infrastructure projects in the city and northern Alberta. An experienced project manager, Neil provides leadership and direction to large multi-disciplinary teams and prides himself on professionalism and integrity when collaborating with all team members. Neil has a long track record of successfully delivering transportation and infrastructure projects on time and on budget for Alberta Transportation, the City of Edmonton, and the City of Calgary.


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