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CSCE Online Presentation: West Block Glenora


Date: July 9, 2020

Time: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM - ONLINE


Originally imaged as a series of three unique, 15 storey towers with sloped podiums and distinctive architecture, design of the ‘Glenora Skyline’ project was commenced by Protostatix Engineering in 2010 with construction beginning shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, after the completion of the foundation and two level of structure above-grade, the project the was halted and the structure abandoned for a number of years.

In its reimagined form as ‘West Block’, Protostatix Engineering was tasked with not only designing a new high-rise tower, but in utilizing as much of the previously-constructed foundation and structure as possible to realize the most cost-effective solution. To this end, in-house structural analysis of the existing structure combined with extensive coordination with both the project architect and owner allowed Protostatix Engineering to devise a system of structural steel and foundation reinforcing elements, which would mesh with the existing structure and allow for the new West Block Phase 1 to proceed.

With Phase 1 having now completed construction, the totally reimagined project stands as a testament to the ability of coordination and a forward-thinking design team to maximize the use of an existing space while maintaining flexibility and design efficiency.


C.A. (Dino) Loutas, P.Eng. - Protostatix

Dino’s more than thirty years of experience in structural engineering in a variety of materials, ranging from structural steel to concrete allows him to take a holistic view of the project and effectively map out the most efficient, cost-effective course of action and subsequent structural design. In particular, his extensive past experience with both new and existing facilities has allowed him to become intimately familiar with the unique requirements of these structures and to bring his experience to bear in their design.

Sassan Moghimi, PhD, PEng - Protostatix

Following an extensive and prestigious academic career, during which he received numerous scholarships, honours and awards, Sassan joined the Protostatix team in early 2013. Sassan’s extensive experience in research in the fields of dynamics and structural design gives him unique and specialized insight into the modelling and behaviours of complex structures and the challenges they present. With a wealth of project experience, including advanced design of shear walls, design of discrete foundation elements, as well as wind and vibration modeling, Sassan adds substantial value as a team member.


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