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CSCE Dinner Presentation: Ending Boil Water Advisories in Enoch Cree Nation


Date: February 20, 2020

Time: 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM


On January 9, 2019 Enoch Cree Nation celebrated the grand opening of their new $14 million upgraded water system, ending years of periodic boil water advisories by providing the community with a safe, reliable, long-term supply of water.  The project includes the following components:

-       A connection to the EPCOR water supply system;
-       3.3 km of supply pipeline;
-       A 4,600 m3 potable water storage reservoir; 
-       A pumphouse with truckfill, distribution, and fire pumps;
-       A 103.5 DC kW/ 90.8 AC kW solar field;
-       Watermain looping in the Village Core; and
-       Newly swabbed distribution system piping. 

The upgrades have sufficient capacity to accommodate growth in the community up to 3,900 people.  Construction of the project also provided significant economic benefit to the community.  Approximately 18,000 person hours of employment and training for community members and 1,700 hours of rented community-owned construction equipment were utilized by the contractor, which equated to approximately 10% of the capital cost of the project.

The project took over ten years to advance from the planning phase to the start of construction and involved considerable interjurisdictional cooperation between Enoch Cree Nation, the City of Edmonton, EPCOR, the provincial government, and the federal government.  The project was uniquely challenging from a technical perspective and included safely undertaking construction in an area that was used for munitions testing in WWII, removal and replacement of large quantities of surface debris and contaminated soils, and partially powering the pumphouse by electricity produced by solar panels onsite.


Vincent P. LaHaye, P.Eng., AECOM

Vincent is a planning and development engineer with 15 years experience in the successful delivery of community infrastructure projects for Indigenous communities, municipal governments, private developers, and government ministries throughout western Canada. These projects include raw water supply systems, water treatment plants, water distribution system piping and pumping systems, wastewater collection, pumping, and transmission systems, lagoons, stormwater management infrastructure, site development, roads, and subdivisions.  Vincent has had the pleasure of working with Enoch Cree Nation for over three years and is honoured to share the story of this important community water project on their behalf.

University of Alberta Steel Bridge Competition Team

The CSCE Edmonton Section is proud to be a Sponsor of the University of Alberta Steel Bridge Competition Team! 2019 marks the first year for the University of Alberta to participate in the Canadian National Steel Bridge
Competition (CNSBC). The team currently consists of 14 undergraduate and graduate students, as well as a supervising professor and a fabrication consultant. Though the CNSBC University of Alberta Team is proud to be a student-led team, they are looking for support of the Edmonton engineering community and industry to be partners in their efforts.

More information can be found on their Facebook Page.

If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor you can see the Sponsorship Package by clicking HERE.

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