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CSCE Web Presentation: Workwell Coalition


Date: January 21, 2021

Time: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM - ONLINE


Project Profile:

The Workwell Coalition connects organizations across the design and construction industries to assist in business recovery and reorganization from the Covid-19 pandemic. This team, composed of architects, engineers, interior designers, and construction experts, will support companies in developing strategic approaches to navigating the COVID-19 moment, including a post-lockdown return to physical workplaces. Together, the coalition comprises a full set of experts necessary to address the next era of work.

While some cities have already begun returning to offices, there is still much to be done to ensure they can work effectively and safely. Everything from telework practices to HVAC systems, building operations to desking configurations, and training for individual behavior will need to be adjusted. Businesses sometimes consider such components of the workplace experience individually, but now must contend with all of them at once.

In response, the Workwell Coalition has assembled a menu of services for responding rapidly to each client’s unique circumstances. This collaborative approach streamlines the process significantly. “An organization that’s trying to get back into their office needs to move quickly. They don’t have time to put together a new advisory team in the usual ways with bids, contracts, team building, and such,” says Nathan Manuel, for PLASTARC, the founding company of the Workwell Coalition.

In a moment of increasing concern over the relationship between buildings and people, the Workwell Coalition has created a 10-point office reentry roadmap. This session will present perspectives from three firms (EcoAmmo, DIALOG and Entro) that have addressed the needs arising from the pandemic and how the world of work has shifted since lockdowns and restrictions have challenged building operations.

Learn from Shafraaz Kaba, who has led team building and change management for a local school board to enable project management and maintenance teams can respond to ever-changing student requirements for distancing, sanitization and coordination. Rod Yeoh, from DIALOG will speak to building ventilation and infection control, and how building mechanical systems need retro-commissioning. Laura Sellors, partner at Entro, will share how communication and education contribute to easier adoption of pandemic protocols.



Laura Sellors | Entro

Shafraaz Kaba | EcoAmmo

Rod Yeoh | DIALOG


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